By entering you are agreeing to these terms of entry

1. Eligibility

1.1 The BPPA Exhibition – Known as ASSIGNMENTS 2019 – is open to all members of the association. Not a member? Why not apply for membership?

1.2 Working press photographers who are not currently members, or who have lapsed membership, are welcome to take part if they join or rejoin the association.

1.3 Subscriptions must be fully up to date, or a membership direct debit in place, on the 14th of April for members to be eligible.

1.4 No entrant will be allowed to be part of the curating process.

2. Ethics

2.1 Pictures entered in to the ASSIGNMENTS exhibition should reflect an accurate and fair version of events and should not seek to mislead the viewer. As such staging of pictures is permitted in the context of feature or portrait photography, but not for live News or Sports photos.

2.2 Pictures may only be manipulated in line with “standard darkroom procedures” – exposure, colour balance, contrast and some sharpening. Entries may not be altered by adding, removing or rearranging any part of the picture. (dust spotting is allowed)

3. Copyright

3.1 No copyright is transferred to the BPPA in respect of any works entered or accepted. Copyright remains with the photographer at all times.

3.2 By submitting a photograph the entrant warrants that they own copyright in the work and, if necessary, that they have permission from any employer, agent or license owner to enter the work. The entrant undertakes to indemnify the BPPA and the organisers and sponsors of ASSIGNMENTS if work they enter is in breach of copyright.

4. Usage

4.1 In order to facilitate the exhibition the copyright holder grants ASSIGNMENTS a licence to print the work for display in the ASSIGNMENTS exhibitions.

4.2 The copyright holder further agrees that in the event of the exhibition being put on show again at future dates and in other venues their work may be printed and shown again as a part of the ASSIGNMENTS exhibition.

4.3 The copyright holder consents that their image may be included in any catalogue or book or brochure or publicity produced in connection with the ASSIGNMENTS exhibition.

4.4 The copyright holder consents that their image may be on social media for the purpose of publicising the ASSIGNMENTS exhibition.

However the organisers understand that some members may not wish to consent to social media use for copyright protection reasons – if you do not want your image used in social media publicity please say so clearly on your submission email. Opting out will in not negatively affect your images inclusion in the selection process or how they are otherwise displayed.

4.5 The copyright holder further agrees that their work may be included in a permanent gallery on the ASSIGNMENTS and BPPA websites to display and promote the exhibition.

4.6 Any other usage outside those outlined above shall be subject to further agreement, prior to publication, between the photographer and the organisers.

5. General

5.1 It is the responsibility of the entrant to meet the conditions of the Entry Procedure and Technical Specifications

5.2 All photographs must have been taken by the entrant between 31st August 2017 and 14th April 2019 (inclusive).

5.3 The organisers of ASSIGNMENTS 2019 reserve the right to use their discretion in all matters relating to the competition including, but not limited to, selecting the images to be displayed, organising the appearance and placement of images in the display.

5.4 Entrants may not seek to lobby, persuade or otherwise influence the judges and curators. Any entrant seeking to do so may be disqualified.

5.5 There will be no appeals against the decision of the curators and correspondence cannot be entered into regarding the decision making process.

5.6 If it is believed that a contravention of the rules has taken place the organisers of ASSIGNMENTS reserves the right to examine original files/negatives/positives. Any entrant unable or unwilling to supply the files on request will be disqualified.

5.7 Any fees or costs incurred will not be refunded if entries/entrants are disqualified or entries withdrawn.

6. Technical Specification and Entry procedure

6.1 Each entrant may submit a maximum of ten images for consideration

6.2 Entries must be submitted by email to

6.3 Each entrant will be asked to pay £10 registration fee to go towards the cost of staging the exhibition. An invoice for submitted images will be sent via paypal to the email address your images were submitted from and should be paid by 14th April 2019. 

Unpaid submissions will not be put forward to the curators.

6.5 The deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday 14th April 2019.

6.6 Images submitted should be sRGB in JPEG format. The saved file size must not exceed 10 megabytes.

6.7 Please do not add borders or keylines – these will be added by the printers as required to achieve a uniform display.

6.8 Please do not over sharpen your files- the printers are best equipped to handle this in a way that suits their machines and workflow.

6.9 Please name your files in the format “AS19_surname_firstname_01.jpg”

6.10 Please provide a full caption, embedded in the image iptc / file info. We will use this alongside the image in the exhibition and the catalogue - so please give this some care and attention. Include your name, email address and phone number should be included in the relevant IPTC fields.

6.11 The subject line of your email should read “The BPPA Exhibition Entry 2019” and the body of your email should contain the following;

Your Name

Contact phone number

6.12 Do not send ZIP folders / WeTransfer / WeSendIt / Dropbox links, all submitted images should be sent as attachments.

6.13 All entries must be digital files – prints will not be accepted.

7. A statement of ethics by the organisers.

7.1 Assignments shall seek at all times to be an impartial exhibition of the best of British Press Photography.

7.2 Commercial organisations whose help is sought in staging the exhibition will be paid the fair market rate for their goods and services. However no organiser or helper shall be paid for their contribution to staging the exhibition – and the BPPA will not seek to run the exhibition as a profit making entity.

7.2 Commercial sponsors shall have no input into the selection of the images chosen for display.